Excellent quality is the development foundation of our enterprise as well as a everlasting theme.We attach great importance to the operation in structure designing,materials using,industrial art,production process and quality management process,in strict accordance with quality management system established by CQC Product quality authentication factory capacity requirements and related regulations authenticated by 3C so as to make the quality of our products obtaining a leading position in the same industry,wining complementary by our customers,which creates more convincing conditions for increasing the market share.

Technology and creativity are the peculiar advantages of our company. the products manufactured in our company are all nearly patent products and patent crafts with the protection of intellectual property, self-developed. In addition, we have mastered nearly all the core technology in our domestic industry of the floor sockets, including mature forge processing technology,modelling digital-controlling processing,automatic polishing wiredrawing,automatic drilling and tapping(The processing equipment is all professional equipment,self-designed), and cover plate surface passivation process, making a great contribution to improve the manufacturing efficiency effectively,reduce the production cost and improve the quality of the products.

Our company has a team of high-qualified employees,trying ti carry out advanced management measures,consistently maintaining "Quality goes first, and customers are the most important",making all their efforts to provide high quality products and excellent service.